Wie Sie Ihre Nalen Ayurveda-Verpackungen recyceln und wiederverwenden können

We spent a lot of time and did extensive research on selecting our packaging and how we could select the most sustainable option, with the best inputs possible. Another big consideration for our packaging selection was to select materials that could be either recycled on re-purposed. We have a recycling program in place for our bottles and jars but what about the outer container. 

The containers are made from recycled paper, but what do you with them once you have your package. We put together some ideas on ways to re-purpose the boxes. They can of course be recycled, but we thought you might like some ideas on other ways to use them. Based on the size and shape of each of our boxes, we have a few ideas listed below. 

1) Hydrating Face Cream Box 

This box is extremely versatile, and the size makes it easy to store many different smaller items. Use it to store q-tips/earbuds, bobby pins, clips, cotton pads or hair ties. It’s also good to store other household items such as batteries, nails/screws, paper clips, erasers, sharpeners, spare change or any other small items. We also store smaller jewelry items such as rings and earrings. Another way to use this box is to store your sewing kit. 

This box is great for organizing your bathroom or desk drawers and also to take along with you on a trip to store smaller items separately. 

2) Brightening Face Cleanser Box 

The box for our cleanser is larger, which makes it easier to use for storing larger items. It’s perfect as a pen / pencil stand for your desk. The size makes it helpful for storing tools and other taller household items. 

3) Balancing Toner Box 

This medium sized box is good for medium sized items. It’s the perfect size for eyeliners and other make-up items including brushes. 

We would love to hear from you, if you have re-purposed a box, send us an image, email it to us namaste@nalanayurveda.com or tag us @nalenayurveda #nalenayurveda 

"Solange wir nicht im Einklang mit der Natur und unserer Konstitution leben, können wir nicht erwarten, dass wir wirklich geheilt werden. Ayurveda gibt uns die Mittel dazu."

David Frawley